Can I decrease disk usage with buying a ssd hard drive and combine with my sshd?

I have two questions. I bought a dell 7567 gaming for 3 days ago but the laptop become very slow when I run programs like uTorrent and during the installing of a game. When I look the disk on task manager it shows 100 procent or a high number like 99 (its not always such high disk procent just when I run a program t ex uTorrent and any program like this even internet explorer). And my question:

My hard disk is sshd 1Tbyte. My laptop become slow because my hard disk is sshd and not ssd? It will be help if I combine my sshd with a ssd hard drive?( I mean buy a ssd and use bouth ssd and sshd)

My system spec:

Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Gaming Laptop, Intel i7-7700HQ Quad Core Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.8GHz), 8GB DDR4 Memory, 1TB SSHD Hybrid Hard Drive w/8gb , 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.2, NVidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti w/ 4GB GDDR5

Thank you for your time

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RE: Can I decrease disk usage with buying a ssd hard drive and combine with my sshd?

Hi parham62,

Thanks for posting.
Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.  Downloading programs from torrent sites can be very dangerous, and can introduce viruses into your machine.  These viruses can exhibit issues like you are experiencing.  

Here is some information from another Forum user who was able to resolve their issue: en.community.dell.com/.../20008887

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RE: Can I decrease disk usage with buying a ssd hard drive and combine with my sshd?

Even a regular spinning drive (not a hybrid drive) can pretty consistently handle 100MB/sec sustained transfers.  Fragmentation can definitely reduce that, but unless your Internet connection is Gigabit and uTorrent is maxing it out, then uTorrent would not be responsible for the heavy disk activity you're seeing, especially given that your drive is accelerated by being a hybrid drive.  That said, a SSD is always going to be noticeably faster, ESPECIALLY with random access scenarios, so if you're willing to spend the cash and you've verified that you have an extra bay in your system, then you'd definitely see an improvement.  Note however that even if your system has another bay, it may not currently have the bracket and/or cable required to install a drive there.  Not all Dell systems include those parts if the system wasn't actually ordered from the factory with a drive.  In that case, you'd have to contact Dell Spare Parts to request them.  A Dell rep on here may even be willing to look up the required part numbers to help you there.

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