Dell Inspiron 1525 - Can't run Factory Restore

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525. I have been having boot up problems for the past 2 weeks off and on. Finally, the last two days it came to a point where windows (Vista) would not start at all. I kept a message that my computer could not start and that I should run start up repair. I try to run start up repair but it runs over and over and won't fix anything. I decided to try factory restore but after running for about 3 minutes it stops and I get a blank error message. What is strange is that today my computer starts up perfectly after not doing any repairs. I ran chkdsk but it stopped before finishing and gave me an error message that I have errors on my computer,it provided no fix or what the exact errors are. Any suggestions? I still want to do factory restore, I have already back up all my files/programs.Thanks!

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Mary G

Re: Dell Inspiron 1525 - Can't run Factory Restore

Sounds like a bad hard drive. Boot to the vista disk and run Chkdsk  /R to see if you can fix the errors. If it doesn't complete or you get error messages, buy a new hard drive. No use trying to Restore a bad drive. Make sure to buy the right size and capacity drive for your computer.

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