Dell Inspiron 1545 and Blu-Ray?


I've been the proud owner of a rather nice Dell 1545 with an internal CD/DVD Writer for about six months, but I'm finally succumbing to the call of Blu-Ray.

So, One - is it possible to replace the internal CD/DVD drive with a blu ray drive (either BD-R or for preference BD-RE) and Two, if I were to play movies on it, would the laptop's processor have the grunt to handle it? I opted for the Pentium processor (forget which model) which is a 64-bit dual core, so I'm hoping "Yes."



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Re: Dell Inspiron 1545 and Blu-Ray?

Yes, the drive can be replaced.  If you have the ATI video chip, you should be all set.  If you have the Intel (which cannot be upgraded), not so  much.


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