Dell Inspiron 1545 - how to reinstall the whole system

So basically my laptop battery stopped working couple of days after the warranty expired (apparently the battery cannot be identified) - and my laptop has become slower, so I wanted to do a system restore. 

So how do I do a system restore? I tried pressing F8 as soon as the computer starts, but I struggle with the options bit, as it's not letting me press "Dell factory image restore" as it apparently needs a CD. I have three CD that came with the computer, which one do I need:

1. Dell Drivers and Utilities 
2. Dell Application 
3.Dell Operating System - this is the one I tried, but it still doesn't work 

I'm not good at these things, so any help is appreciated Smiley Happy

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Mary G

Re: Dell Inspiron 1545 - how to reinstall the whole system

System Restore or PC Restore will not help with a failed battery or other hardware problem. You need to solve that problem first. Remove the battery and try just the adapter plugged into a good outlet. If it works OK, replace the battery. If it doesn't work you could have a problem with the adapter or the motherboard.

Directions for system restore and pc restore depend on your operating system. Directions HERE.

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