Dell Latitude D830 and intel c2d T8300

Hi all

My D830 doesnt boot when i install c2d T8300 (2,4GHz, 3MB, 800MHz, 45nm) and if i insntall c2d T7500 processor it boots and works flawlessly.

Motherboards BIOS version is the latest i think - A14.


Does Lat D830 with A14 bios support Penryn (T8300) processors?

Is there a new bios version (A15 maybe?) with - "Added support for penryn processors."?

Is there a new motherboard revision out that supports T8300 processors?

Faulty CPU maybe?


Tnx for your answers


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Re: Dell Latitude D830 and intel c2d T8300

Hello there, I have a D830 with bios A14 and I just installed a T8300 on it... and it works great, it's faster, cooler and battery is thanking me...

I don't know about which hardware revision my mobo is but it seems to be the only obstacle to you...

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