Dell Latitude d610 video controller driver?

Recently I upgraded OS from XP to W7 Pro. It seems the video controller driver is missing. I've searched the forum but I can't find anything about this driver. Where can I get this driver? I'm trying to avoid a call to Dell as I'm hard of hearing. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks.

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Re: Dell Latitude d610 video controller driver?

Hi swampwizard,

I regret to inform you that drivers are not available from windows 7. Drivers are available only for Windows 2000 and XP. I can suggest you to install all the Windows updates which may fix the issue.

I hope this helps

Please let us know in case of queries

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Re: Dell Latitude d610 video controller driver?

Dell-Harish R, Thanks for the follow thru. I have found out that this model comp is only for the XP OS. The only  problem I have is on Photoshop Elements 8. It won't fit the screen. I have adjusted the resolution and still no help. Again thanks for the help and maybe I'll reinstall XP someday.

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Re: Dell Latitude d610 video controller driver?

Do you have the Intel integrated Video or the ATI Graphics card?

You will need to use the XP driver and follow the instructions below.

1. Dell System Software

Install R171691 

2. Chipset Driver

Install R140623 

3. Network 

Install R219872 if you have a Dell Wireless Card

Install R154405 if you have an Intel Wirleess Card

Install http://ftp.dell.com/network/bs94spxp.zip for the Ethernet.

4a. Intel Video Driver 

Download Intel Video R140623.exe

Run the installer so that it will extract to C:\Dell\Drivers\R140623.

Open Device Manager (Start, right click computer > Properties > Device Manager). Go to display adaptors, the device will be called generic device/display adaptor and select update driver software.

Select, next, next then finish. Then reboot your computer.

4b. ATI Video Driver

Download and install R153383


5. Installation of Dell Quickset 

 For Dell Quickset, it takes a bit of work to get it working.

Install the XP version of Dell Quickset R165094 in compatibility mode.

Also change on the start menu.

Next use task schedular. Start it via a search from the start menu.

Go to actions > Create Basic Task

Follow the wizard, Name: Dell Quickset,< Next>  Trigger: When I log on <next>  Action: Start Program <next> select program, navigate to C:\Program Files\Quickset and click on the Quickset Icon. Then click finish. Almost done, at this stage it worked but I got a UAC prompt everytime I powered up.

The next step is to find Dell Quickset in the Task Schedular Library. Double click it and edit its general properties.

Check run with highest privileges. Now go to the triggers tab edit triggers

Change "Specific User" to "Any User" and make sure enabled is checked at the bottom left. Click <OK>. Quickset will now work as it should.

6. Check for Errors in the Device Manager

On this screen next select Device manager.

Hopefully it should look something like mine.

If you have an error, yellow ? or ! then you probably haven't installed a system driver correctly. You should quickly check that you haven't missed installation of a driver and check to see that something hasn't installed correctly.

Ask on the forums for details if you get stuck at this stage.

Next after the drivers are installed you should rate your system. Click the link "system rating is not available".

Note at this stage I would re-rate the system even a number is displayed there. Although people may not care so much for the system rating it is best to perform. Several unrated systems will revert to the Windows 7 Basic Theme even if they are capable of the Aero Interface and will not allow the user to change to the Windows 7 Theme until the system is rated.

Select rate this computer and leave it be for 5 minutes to rate it.

You should get the rating now. Here are the scores on my Desktop for example:


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