Dell XPS 9560 or 9550 - LCD Replacement


The lcd screen of my Dell XPS 9560 has cracks and I wanted to replace it with new one.

I try to find the parts thru online markets and sometimes I am brought into an option like a screen assembly for Dell XPS 9550.

I checked the specifications of the two models and personally it seems to me that they have no difference in terms of the LCD screen. Now, I want to confirm from the dell experts if the LCD screen for XPS 9550 is compatible and could fit in with my XPS 9560.

Display specifications of my laptop is below:

15.6 inch 16:9, 3840x2160 pixel 282 PPI, 10-point capacitive, IGZO IPS, ID: Sharp SHP1476, Name: LQ156D1, Dell P/N: Y2XND, glossy: yes

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RE: Dell XPS 9560 or 9550 - LCD Replacement

Bear in mind that with a touchscreen, you'll be replacing the entire upper assembly - not just the screen itself.  And while the two models are similar externally, there's no guarantee of interchangeability.  If this were a non-touch system where the screen could be separately replaced, it might be worth a try.  Since it's not, you're better off buying the correct part (which may have to come from Dell anyway, as significant numbers of used parts likely haven't hit the aftermarket channels yet on a system that's still in production).

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