Dell XPS m1530 upgrade from Vista 32 to Win 7 64

Ok I started this thread to help and to found solution to the Upgrading of m1530 laptop, since dell ( Mr Brown ) well not help in upgrading of these computers, I guess the fact that most of use drop some coin on the computers.



First the the Dell XPS M1530 is upgradable to the 64-bit operating system with little trouble

My Computer purchase in 2007

Intel Core 2 T7500 2.20

3 gigs

nVidia 8600


GOTO here First

Windows Compatility Software http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/upgrade-advisor

To run a 64-bit version of Windows, your computer must have a 64-bit-capable processor. To find out if your processor is 64-bit-capable, do the following:

  1. Open Performance Information and Tools by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking Performance Information and Tools.

  2. Click View and print details.

  3. In the System section, you can see what type of operating system you're currently running under System type. Under 64-bit capable, you can see whether you can run a 64-bit version of Windows. (If your computer is already running a 64-bit version of Windows, you won't see the 64-bit capable listing.)

 NOTE their is a issue that certain HARDdrives are not Compataible do a search online NOTE

1) Before upgrading go to the Device Manager and open all so that you can see each indivual device and do a screen capture ( save the on an extenal drive or disk) DO NOT LOSEit will be used to idenifty the hardware on your machine....

2) Buy yourelf a copy of Win 7 64-bit,( DO NOT BUY UPGRADE) yes it is faster than 32-bit(and has less proccess running )

3)Save all data external( DVD, CD, USB, SDdisk, Harddrive) during the install of Win 7 it will save your data to the C drive as oldwindows but just in case

4) BEFORE INSTALL go and download some drivers you will need and here are the Links with them

  i)nvidia 8600m driver  http://www.nvidia.com/object/notebook_winvista_win7_x64_197.16_whql.html

 ii)Upek http://www.upek.com/support/downloads/drivers/windows.asp

iii) Intel chipset drivers click TAB CHIPSET      http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/driverslist.aspx?os=WV64&catid=-1&dateid=-1&impid=-1&osl=E...

iv)TouchPad driver click TAB INPUT/Device Touchpad  DO NOT DOWNLOAD ALPS DRIVER     http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/driverslist.aspx?os=WV64&catid=-1&dateid=-1&impid=-1&osl=E...

v)bIOS a12   CLICK TAB bioS     http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/driverslist.aspx?os=WV64&catid=-1&dateid=-1&impid=-1&osl=E...

NOTE.. the Bios is just in case I didn't have to upgrade but also have your orginally Driver CD because your battery may not charge after the upgrade of the Bios

5) Do a clean install of Win 7 you may need to change the boot to CD/DVD from the bios ( press F2 at start to change) MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE IT BACK and your computer will boot from the Win 7 dvd.....and follow the on screen menu it's straight forward

6)Leave the Dell Partition, that if your computer is still under warranty just reinstall all original software and drivers and Selected the old O.S.

8) Reboot

9)After Win 7 installed, started installing the drivers you download earlier, start with the video card..... but don't install the Bios inless you have issues with the battery or Compatbily issues

10) Open the Device Manager and go through the list and to make sure everything is ok..no yellow question marks, if their is a generic drive just bring up you old screen shot of the device manager and found the 64-bit driver for it...... if you can only found Vista 64 drivers use them WIN 7 is based of the Vista platform

And question feel free..... PLEASE LET"S KEEP THIS THREAD ABOUT THE XPS m1530 and upgrading

AND Please when posting to thread put your Device manager up


Because I did need to upgrade some drivers and forgot some of them,,

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Re: Dell XPS m1530 upgrade from Vista 32 to Win 7 64

Thanks for this post. This is really useful to me.

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RE: Dell XPS m1530 upgrade from Vista 32 to Win 7 64

actually my os was windows vista but ..now i am using windows 7 i am facing some problems

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