Dell mini inspiron 910

Okay so I just got this netbook off ebay and upon trying to turn it on it went right to this black screen and had a message that said " file missing or corrupt windows root system 32 ntoskrnl.exe 

Then I rebooted it and hit 0 and ran some tests on it and now a message is showing saying

"Error Code: 0F00:1344 Msg: DISK_0 Block 12569339: Can't read.replace disk or remove write protection"

Does this mean the hard drive is shot?

All this guy sent me was the netbook, no cd's or anything - I even had to get the a/c adapter. It does not have a place to even insert a disk so even if I borrow a friends Windows xp I don't know how to get it on the computer.

Here is my question- has anyone dealt with this? Is it something I can fix..like can I replace the hard drive - and if I do how will I get windows on it? If I have to buy windows can I use a different windows like Windows 7 that came with my desktop I just got a couple months ago (also a dell) so I do not have to buy Windows XP.

If I do have to replace the Hard drive does anyone know what I should look for like size wise or something so I can look for one on EBay.

Any advice is appreciated - This was suppose to be a christmas gift for my daughter and I am pretty broke now.


_ I also wonder if I can just plug in an external drive and bypass the internal drive and use the computer that way?

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Re: Dell mini inspiron 910

Send the system back and insist on a refund. 

The cost to replace a solid state drive will make this far less than a bargain in the end.


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