Driver issues with Latitude E5540

I have a Latitude E5540 with:

MS Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
SupportAssist ver. 2.0.6875.668 (Agent ver.
Dell Command Update v. 2.3.1

1) SupportAssist says that system is updated but Dell Command Update says that the following should be updated?:
a. Dell Digital Delivery Application
b. ST Microelectronics Free Fall Data Protection 4.10.67, A00
c. Dell Command Power Manager

I tried to install above from Dell Command Update - but update does not complete?

2) I cannot optimize my computer from SupportAssist (nothing happens when click on "Go to System optimization")?

3) Dell Command Power Manager v. 2.0.0 is installed but I see only the batteri level. I cannot install later version, is it because windows 64-bit?

4) I cannot join SupportAssist to My account at Dell-login (nothing happens when i click "Administrate my account")?

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RE: Driver issues with Latitude E5540

I don't use SupportAssist.

I don't use Dell Command Update.

I simply go to dell.com and select the driver I want for the version of OS that is on the laptop.

Download to hard drive.


That's how I re-installed Windows 7 Pro 64-bit for E5430.

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