External Mouse not working with Alienware M14x

I have a new Alienware m14x with Windows 7 64bit. And every time I plug in an external mouse I can no longer click on anything. I click and it deselects the window that I was clicking on. I can still use the keyboard to navigate the windows, but it seems like when I use the mouse I am clicking on a hidden layer. Any suggestions?

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Re: External Mouse not working with Alienware M14x

Hi heretic619

Welcome to the Dell Community,

Please try the following steps as per the issue addressed by you:

1. Try using the mouse with any other system and check for working.

2. Try replacing the mouse battery and check for working.

3. Try updating the System USB and Chipset Drivers.

To update the drivers please check this link.


Kindly reply with the outcome. Glad to help


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