I Can't turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014

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Re: I Can't turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014

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I would like to inform you can turn on the wireless radio on your Vostro 1014 by pressing the Fn and F2 keys together. This is common for any dell laptop. If you are still having issues with the wireless, check in the device manager for any bangs on the wireless driver. The wireless driver should be listed under network adapter in device manager, if it is listed under other devices it means that the wireless adapter is missing needs to be reinstalled.

You can reinstall the wireless drivers from www.support.dell.com

The direct link for the Vostro 1014 drivers: http://dell.to/AidgTv

Please respond in case you need any further assistance or clarification.

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Re: I Can't turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014

well, actually, i have vostro1014 and the keys are Fn+F11 (and not F2)

you can also just try turning on the wifi card through the OS and not via hotkeys.

in windows go to: start > run > ncpa.cpl > double-click the wireless connection (if it appears there)

in ubuntu11 it's up on the taskbar.

if it doesn't appear or won't work, it might be a driver problem.

the drivers on the Dell site aren't always fitting (at least the ones for XP weren't, I had to call support and ask them to mail the links over, for the ones on the site weren't suitable for some reason. they told me it's a known problem)

what OS are you using? Ubuntu finds all drivers by itself, but won't install wifi driver untill ou actually install the sys on hard-drive (won't connect if you run from disc. don't know why).

I'm attaching you the links for drivers for winXP (install in this order, if that's  the OS you have. if not, don't install these, ask for the correct drivers)

1.       BIOS


2. Chipset



3.       Network Card


4.       Wireless Driver


5.       Audio


6.       Video


7.       Touchpad



Re: I Can't turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014

 start > run > ncpa.cpl > double-click the wireless connection
I tried this and saw that there is Wireless Network Connection.
The window shows the wireless connection however says that "wireless not connected".Key F11 doesn't turn the Wireless on.I tried on screen keyboard as well.
I visited the website of dell, entered my service tag, found the wireless driver of my Dell Vostro 1014 and downloaded it.(R224319)
I unzipped it and tried to install, it gave me an error saying that my Operating System isn't supported by the driver.
I use Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.
Please help me out .
I just want to turn this wireless on!!!

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Re: I Can't turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014


look, if you already have an icon of "wireless network connection" in the "network and sharing center" (where you entered with ncpa.cpl), it means the driver is already installed and the computer recognises correctly the wifi card.

so, usually, there is no need to re-install the driver.

now, you need to just tell your comp what network to connect to.

if you're using win7 it goes like this:

Start > Control Panel > network and internet > network and sharing center (click on the icon itself) > "set up a new connection or network" > connect to a network

now you have a menu with all the wifi networks around you

select yours, type in the password (if you have one), and connect.

when you receive a menu asking you whenever it's a work, home or public network, select "home".

if you dont need other advanced settings (sharing, ecc) just close the following menus.

that's it.

good luck

Re: I Can't turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014


Thanks for your answer but the issue is the wireless can't be turned on.I'm working for a school we have a laptop card that has Vostro 1014s in it.

I'm having this issue with only one laptop, I am able to turn the wireless on hitting F11 key with others.

F11 doesn't turn the wireless on here.

Do you have any alternative way?

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Re: I Can't turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014

Wisconsin Career Academy,


Did you recently install/reinstall the operating system?


Places to look to see if your Connection is enabled


What virus program and firewall are you using?





What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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RE: I Can't turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014

My Dell Vostro has a physical toggle switch on the  front side next to the microphone and speaker input connections.


RE: I Can't turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014

help please, I can not activate my wifi dell vostro 3700, I move the knob on but the wifi is not activated, all right, drivers, hardware and setup, I'm missing? knob needs a driver? please help me.

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RE: I Can't turn on wifi on dell vostro 1014

Hi Dell Support Team,

Can some one help me in activating / Turning on the Wifi on my Dell Vostro14 3000 series laptop? Unable to understand how I can turn on.

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