Inspiron 1300 won't turn on

I had a Inspiron 1300 for a few years now, and just lately it stop working I tried it with and without the battery.    it just won't turn on no lights, fan, nothing is working. even brought a new power pack.. any suggestions thank you Hector

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Re: Inspiron 1300 won't turn on

Hi Hmiranda,

Welcome to the Community. I guess your motherboard has failed. But before we get to that, I suggest you reseat the hard drive, memory, optical drive, modem or any minipci cards. Or try removing each component one by one and check if it powers on. Use the below link for help on how to reseat the parts.

If that does not work, contact Dell technical Support in your region to have the motherboard replaced.

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

Hope this helps

Thank you


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