Inspiron 14 3000 Series Hard Drive

I purchased an Inspiron 14 3000 Series along with Microsoft Office 365. I had difficulties loading the Microsoft Office software. After several attempts I took the laptop to a local Computer shop. They told me that there was not enough hard drive to support the software. I ask if they could put a larger hard drive on. They said yes but quickly found out the computer is not upgradeable. Now I want to know if I can trade the computer in for something with more hard drive? Secondly, why did DELL not inform me that the computer would be able to support the software that I purchased from you at the same time? I am very disappointed in DELL!

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RE: Inspiron 14 3000 Series Hard Drive

You may return any Dell computer for refund inside the first 30 days from the purchase date. After 30, you may only get like for like exchanges. There should be more than enough hard disk drive space. Are you sure that the drive partitioning was not the issue? Example, C:/ drive is smaller and just for the operating system. D:/ drive is for everything that you install. Open My Computer and tell us what you see.

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RE: Inspiron 14 3000 Series Hard Drive

If this is one of the very low-end ($200-250) models with 2G of RAM and an embedded eMMC flash drive, it is indeed not upgradeable.  You CAN free up enough drive space to install Office (by making a recovery flash drive for the system;  see below, and then deleting the recovery image from the system, but you will indeed face a constant battle against too little drive space on the system.

This is essentially an Internet browser tablet - not a true notebook computer, as its price indicates.  

To make a recovery flash drive, see here:


As Chris M has noted, you can return a system for replacement within a set period of time from the ship date.  Outside of that, about all you can do is sell the system and buy a higher-line model.  This one is NOT designed for applications that require much disc space.  It's basically a browser.

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