Inspiron 1525 hard drive failure

I kept getting a blue screen error, so i rolled back all my drivers and uninstalled every program on my computer because when i read about that particular blue screen error it told meto do that, beside the point i restored my computer to factory image.

Now all im getting on my computer is that windows has detected a hard disk problem and that it might fail and that i need to back up my files right now. i have no files on my computer so i just ignore it but i want to know what to do about the problem.

                                                                              Its telling me          Disk name:WDC WD2500BEVS-75USTO

                                                                                                               Volume: D:\; C:\

I want to know if i should completely clean my hard drive and start from scratch which i dont mind doing, or if there is another option i should do.

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Re: Inspiron 1525 hard drive failure

The same thing happened with my Dell Inspiron E1505. I restored to factory settings, and the error still appeared. The first thing I would do is run diagnostics on your computer and see if you get an error code.

To run diagnostic:

Turn off the computer then hold the Fn key, while holding that press the power button. That should start the Pre Boot Assessment test.

If you get an error code, jot that down. You can search that code in any search engine. My error code was 2000-0146. I needed a new hard drive. If you're still under warranty, Dell can send you a new one for free.

Good luck!


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Re: Inspiron 1525 hard drive failure

Try a fresh install from the original CD's that came with your laptop.

Also Western Digital has a diagnostic utility to test defective drives. I can recommend to do this and save / print the results in case you get a failure code.

The disk diagnostic utility can be downloaded from the site.

This way you can supply extra evidence in case DELL starts to make a fuzz.


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Re: Inspiron 1525 hard drive failure

If you've seen a diagnostic error, the drive has already failed.  Replace it.


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