Inspiron 1525 won't turn on

For a while now, it has been switching itself off after about half an hour to an hour (I have to remember to plug it in, otherwise I lose everything). I wasn't too concerned with this, as I thought it was just the cheap battery I bought.

This morning I got one of those yellow boxes pop up asking if I had asked a program to start - some registry thing, I think. I hadn't, so closed it down. Then a red box popped up, something about Malware, with AVG (our virus software) on it. My IE closed itself down then - not sure whether it was before or after the red box. I have had bogus AVG boxes pop up before, so I opened up AVG myself and started a scan. It picked up the registry thing straight away, but didn't say it was a virus. My laptop then went off a few minutes later (a bit sooner than usual), but as it was time to go to school, I had to leave it there.

I went to turn it back on when I got home, and it will whirr for a few seconds as if wanting to start, and then just stops. Even if I hold the on/off button down for 10 seconds or more, it just whirrs (green light at side too) for a few seconds and then stops again.

Anyone know what the problem might be? I don't know if it's related to the turning itself off, or the AVG picking something up.

It's about 2 years old, and out of warranty now. I've briefly read that I could take it all apart, but I'm a bit wary of doing that myself!

Thanks for any advice.


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Re: Inspiron 1525 won't turn on

First thing to do is to run a hardware diagnostics on the laptop. F12 at bootup.

If everything is reported to be okay, go over to the Virus and Malware forum and read up on how to get help there.




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