Inspiron 1545 - flickering screen

Hey folks.

Bought an Inspiron 1545 in early '09.December of '09, major flickering and ghosting on my display. Doesn't occur when I plug into an external. Support and my research indicate that it's the LCD itself that's on the fritz.

It was still under warranty then, so I sent it in, and they fixed it (or so I thought).

Fast-forward to a week or two ago, same problem. It'll be OK for a few days, then flicker like crazy for a few days. And I am of course out of warranty at this point. Should I bother trying to have this repaired/replaced, or chuck it and buy a new one? (Which, needless to say, will NOT be a Dell.)


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Re: Inspiron 1545 - flickering screen

I have the same problem  actually fighting with it right now. I bought mine in December 2009 also and the flickering started about 5 months later. I was told it was out of warranty! I haven't been able to get any help with this. I hope you get an answer soon. It is most frustrating to spend so much money on something and we can't get good service.

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