Inspiron Mini 1012 Keyboard/Touchpad don't respond after Power Jack Replacement

I replaced my power jack and am able to get to the login screen. But the resident keyboard and touchpad are now unresponsive. The Mini will respond to the wireless keyboard from my PC on pre-login functions, such as F2 - Setup and F12 - Boot Options, but when the login screen comes up and prompts for a password, the Mini no longer responds to the wireless keyboard, either.

The Mini didn't respond to my wireless mouse under any circumstances.

There were a couple of complications during my reassembly of the Mini, following installation of a new power jack. There is supposed to be a thin plastic locking mechanism that can be opened to release the touchpad ribbon cable from its port and then closed after the ribbon cable has been reconnected, and the plastic piece clamps down on the ribbon cable with a firm click to keep it from disconnecting from the port. This plastic piece must have broken off, but I was never able to find it, and the cable won't stay connected without it, so I tried using electrical tape to keep the cable immobilized once it was connected.

A similar thing happened with the keyboard ribbon cable. There is a thin brown locking piece that works the same way, opening to release the keyboard cable, and then closing over it with a click when it has locked the cable into its port. This plastic piece came loose, and no matter how hard I tried to get it reattached to the port so that it would close over the ribbon cable and lock it down, I was unable to do so. In fact, during the attempt, a small bit of the corner on the top side of the port broke off, so now I'm not sure it is even possible to reattach the plastic lock. I ended up using electrical tape to keep the cable from moving, once I had pushed it as far as it would go into the port.

I finished reassembling the Mini and what I wrote in the first paragraph was the result. The new power jack did its job, but the keyboard and touchpad are dead. I know I "tortured" these two cables a bit in the effort to get them to stay in their ports and may have damaged them in the attempt, before finally taping them down. Either that, or the pins in the cables are not making contact with the pins in the ports with the electrical tape, which they would have done had they been secured by the plastic locking pieces.

I don't know what to do to diagnose this new problem and am not sure it is even possible to do so if the wireless keyboard won't let me log on so I can access the diagnostic tools, etc. I don't know how to get to the O/S code or what to do if I got there. Or if I even COULD get there using the wireless keyboard.

In other words, I'm stumped. Does anyone have any ideas about "next steps" that I could try in order to verify that only the keyboard and touchpad were affected by my "repair?" And if I'd need to replace the board with the touchpad and keyboard ports on it, as well as the keyboard and touchpad themselves?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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