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I had problem with my Inspiron N5010, it powered off by overheat. Service tag is < ADMIN NOTE : Service tag removed per privacy policy >. After call to Dell Support in Ukraine, I took my notebook to Official Service Centre in Ukraine "Service.ua". After diagnostic they sad its problem with cooler system and they are repleced this system after week. When I power on notebook in home, keyboard is not responsing, they forget to connect keyboard cable. Keyboard cable  was connected by myself, after that I found out what WiFi and Ethernet are not wirking, in BIOS I see another service tag < ADMIN NOTE : Service tag removed per privacy policy >, it seems it does not match with notebook label. I don`t understand, why if need to replace cooler system service center replace motherboard? I have no answer for my questsion, not Dell Support in Ukraine cann`t help me, not service centre, they don`t know why engineer replace worked motherboard to not worked motherboard? Who can help me? Why Support in Dell cann`t help me, why Support not contacting with official service centre? Why in official service centre works not competent engineers who make good work system to trash?

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Re: Inspiron N5010

This is a user forum.  This forum is a USA forum.

This forum is not Interaction with Dell service in Ukraine.

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Re: Inspiron N5010


Speedstep is right, there is only a few of us that work for Dell that reply to forum requests. It may be quicker to escalate to tech support in your area.  I may have contacts though that can help you in the Ukraine.  If you would like for me to look into this please shoot me a private message with the service tag of the system, your name, shipping and email address and phone number and I will pass this information over to my contacts.


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