Latitude d610 won't turn on

I am having problems with my latitude d610 laptop.  I had set it aside for a while (still on) and when i returned, it was off.  I pushed the power botton to turn it on, and nothing happened. after researching a bit online, I learned of the "mute button + Power button trick, and it started booting up. It successfully loaded the bios and went into diagnostic mode.  midway through the diagnostic run, the power just died, and the laptop woudn't turn on again.  after about a minute, i tried again, and it worked, but it died before it finished loading the bios.  I tried several more times, and it seems that the longer i leave it sit, the further along it will boot befoer dying.  I have tried the "disconnect power supply and battery and hold power button for 30 seconds" trick, but that only added a few seconds to teh time before it turned off again.  since then, I have been able to sporadically start it regularly (non-diagnostic)  and once reached the login screen befoer dying again.  i am unsure if it is a button board problem, or if the whole motherboard is faulty.

any help would be appreciated.

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