Light Pressure Near the "Strike Zone" Shuts Down Laptop

I bought a Dell Latitude D510 a few months ago for my wife and at some point we noticed it kept shutting down on its own (not hibernation or standby, it would just instantly turn off). We soon discovered it always seemed to happen when we handed the laptop to each other. Tonight she realized it was triggered by grasping the left side of the laptop on the bottom. We then noticed the "strike zone" label there. Has anyone else experienced these shutdowns? Are they by design as part of the "strike zone" technology to protect the hard drive or do we need it serviced?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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Re: Light Pressure Near the "Strike Zone" Shuts Down Laptop

Although I'm not in the habit of passing a powered up notebook around like a new grandchild, that's certainly not what I'd consider normal behavior, and I'm betting that Dell Support would recommend having it serviced.  The only caveats I can ever recall seeing along that line were those against exerting too much pressure on the top of removeable drive modules.
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Re: Light Pressure Near the "Strike Zone" Shuts Down Laptop

I agree with Flooby.I would call tech support, it sounds like you are stopping the hard drive from spinning when the side is squeezed or it is possible there is a loose connection between the HD, the connector and the MB.
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