My Inspiron 1545 won't boot up

My problem started with the message 'BOOTMGR' being shown after it showed the Dell logo, instead of loading windows. Since then the error message has changed. It has gone from 'BOOTMGR' to 'A disc read error and saying to restart'. Now the error message says 'NTLDR missing' and that the internal hard drive hasn't been found, and no bootable devices. My hard drive also makes a sort of rough-ish sound when I turn it on. I am thinking it is a complete hard drive failure.

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Re: My Inspiron 1545 won't boot up

I am thinking it is a complete hard drive failure.


I'm tending to agree with you.

See if you can reboot and run the Dell Diagnostics on the hard drive.


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Re: My Inspiron 1545 won't boot up

Hi, I've recently had the same problem as you.

My Dell is 'just' over 12 months old- Warranty from Dell has run out and i've had too much to sort out and left my renewal of warranty to slide.

I started my Dell 1545 as normal, then problems started...

Once on, the screen faded to white, but you could still see behind the frosting. It was extremely slow. Ctrl-Alt-Del didn't work when I tried to start the Task Manager because it s became unresponsive. The only thing you could do was turn it off via the power button.

I restarted my laptop a few times then had ebough of the same thing happening over and over and over.

I ran the memory diagnostic test to rule out things such as hard drive or software- all was fine with the hardware. The software failed-"apparently".

So, I restarted and went to Factory Image Restore - This started up, all was looking good (I had been told to do this with a corruption of Windows Vista). Suddenly an error box came up, the box was empty and contained no error code, just the cross in the top right corner. I closed the box and tried the Factory Image restore again and it jusyt shut down the laptop. upon restarting the message - "BOOTMGR is missing" Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart- but that did nothing.

On the phone to Dell for 2 hours, running the same test for 45 minutes i had already run and I was told the same as I already knew, that it was software-not hardware. I'm left waiting again to be told it may or may not be able to be fixed and that it was cost a fair bit. As a student- I can't really afford it. If you can understand my frustration, I took it to an ex-Dell worker where he told me that this problem had been happening to the same type laptop as mine all over the World and that I wasn't the only "unique" case, as I was told.

I know someone who questioned their warranty over 6 months! Mine was barely over 2 and I got nothing.

Now, my laptop was sent off to my ex-Dell worker friend where he wiped my laptop, told me that my harddrive had completely burnt out and that I needed a new one. After purchasing a new one, and excited that it would be fine, he rings me to tell me nothing can be done as it fails reinstalling Windows Vista from the disks supplied with the laptop.

What can be done? I am at my whitsend. Dell know this is happening to this certain model, why not offer to fix it or offer FREE help over the phone, when we're the ones still paying, as it's not a cheap number to dial. This isn't my only problem with Dell, but it's one that has been extremely costly to me, I've lost all my coursework. My disks are no good in my netbook, my memory stick was corrupted when the computer started failing.

Can someone just help me? I know now never to get another Dell model. My PB Netbook is my little lifesaver in comparison.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Argh, I want my Dell to, somehow, get fixed Smiley Sad!

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