USB power resets on E/Port-Replicator & e6500 during boot, annoying when booting from USB powered eSATA disks


I have a Latitude E6500 that should boot from an external eSATA drive connected to an E/Port-Replicator. Booting via eSATA works fine, when I connect the USB power supply of the external 2.5" harddisk to an USB port of the laptop. However, when I connect the USB cable to the E/Port-Replicator the disk is powered down during boot which causes a lot of disk errors. Windows seems to reset the external USB ports. I tested this with Windows 7 (64-Bit) and with Windows XP.

Now, is there any way to tell the USB port drivers for the external ports to not reset?

Of course, this is a minor issue with the workaround being to plug the cable into the internal USB ports or using an externally powered device, but it is really annoying me and I expect from a port replicator that I dont have to plug the cables all the time. BTW, the exact product name of my port replicator is "DELL EURO1 Advanced E/Port-Replicator". I ask myself, if the usb reset is normal or does my replicator even have a defect? Does anyboy know? Anyway, thanks for reading this.



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