USB to Serial Converters

I have purchased 10 ATG 6410 laptops I am in the process control industry and require Serial communications. I have tried a variety of vendors USB to Serial converters and am having fits getting them to work with this particular laptop. We are talking to Programmable Logic Controllers, Variable Frequency Drives, and other field equipment with serial communicaitons.


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Re: USB to Serial Converters

Handshake problems or data errors can be caused by a number of issues including USB Port power management which

I suggest you turn off.


There are several vendors of USB to Serial Adaptors that use the Prolific PL2303 chipset.

I don't recommend other vendors for these devices because WHQL drivers are few and far between.

There are compeditors like FTDI USB Serial whql.  ID 0403:6001 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 USB-Serial (UART) IC

SYBA SY-ADA15006 USB to Serial Adapter



Noisebridge Blog » Blog Archive » goodbye ftdi, hello prolific

IOGEAR - GUC232A - USB to Serial RS-232 Adapter


IOGEAR - GUC232A - USB to Serial RS-232 Adapter



Downloads - SerialStuff.com

Welcome to Prolific

  • Full compliance with the USB Specification v1.1(0) and USB CDC v1.1
  • Support the RS232 Serial interface
  • Support automatic handshake mode
  • Over 1Mbps data transfer rate
  • Support Remote wake-up and power management
  • 96 bytes buffer each for upstream and downstream data flow
  • Support default ROM or external EEPROM for device configuration
  • On chip USB transceiver
  • On chip crystal oscillator running at 12M Hz
  • Single chip solution in a 28 Pins SOIC package
  • Do not install or use any software from Prolific website until you have read and accepted all of the license terms. Permission to use the software is conditional upon your agreeing to the license terms. Installation or use of the software by you will be deemed to be acceptance of the license terms. Acceptance will bind you to the license terms in a legally enforceable contract with Prolific Technology Inc.

    NOTE: Prolific does not manufacture any end-user cable products and does not provide exclusive support to end-users. Prolific highly suggest end-users to contact the user product manufacturer for service and support. Please read the End-User License Agreement (EULA) before downloading any software or drivers from Prolific website.

    2363 KB

    PL-2303 USB to Serial Bridge (H, HX, X) Installshield Driver Setup Program
    Installer version & Build date: 1.4.17 (2011-5-24)
    Windows 2000/XP/Server2003 (32 & 64-bit) WDM WHQL Driver: v2.0.16.166
    Windows Vista/7/Server2008/Server2008R2 (32 & 64-bit) WDF WHQL Driver: v3.3.17.203
    Language Support: English (default), Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese
    For Prolific USB VID_067B&PID_2303 Only

    NOTE: Prolific does not manufacture cables. Contact our worldwide distributors for cable product reference.

    Also refer to FAQ on Error Code 10.

    1352 KB

    PL-2303 (H, HX, X chip version) Mac OS X Universal Binary Driver v1.4.0 (DMG file format), Prolific Edition
    For Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard (32-bit and 64-bit kernel)
    Added Driver Installation Manual

    104 KB

    PL-2303 INF Driver Remover Program
    NOTE: Use this only if driver cannot uninstall properly after running ControlPanel-Add/Remove Programs option.

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Re: USB to Serial Converters

You probably would have been better to buy a laptop with an ExpressCard slot and used ExpressCard to serial converter card.

Did you look at the ratings for these USB to serial converters on Newegg?  

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jose viana

Re: USB to Serial Converters

I have a obd usb and so I have not recunhrce the Drave FTDI

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