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Video Card

Hello i have a alienware M18x, and i noticed that i had a Intel HD Graphic 3000 in my laptop. i was wondering if there was a way for me to find out if my laptop already has a GEforce GTX card or if not, purchase or get myself one. Thank You

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Re: Video Card

The CPU has a built-in video circuit (that's the HD3000).  Yes, your system also has a discrete video chip as well.

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Re: Video Card

Hi Erik Drouin,

The ‘Alienware M18x’ goes with both integrated graphic display and discrete graphics display.

Your system has the ‘Intel HD Graphic 3000’ as the integrated graphic display. To know which discrete graphic display your computer uses, please follow the steps mentioned below.

1.       Open ‘Device Manager’ by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type ‘Device Manager’, and then, in the list of results, click ‘Device Manager’.

2.       When the device manager pops up, in the list please check for display adapter.

3.       Please click on the arrow mark beside display adapter.

4.       You will find the display cards available on your computer.

Your computer goes with switchable graphics. Therefore, when you are using graphic intense programs, (Example: Playing games, video editing, photo editing) the discrete graphic card turns active.

However, during normal usage, if you are viewing applications like office, power point or word documents the integrated graphic card turns active.

Please reply for any queries.

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