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I am hoping that someone will be able to help me. I purchased a Dell 1525 laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium, IE 8 and have Esets NOD 32 as anitvirus/internet security. I do not have this problem with any other web page I go to on this laptop except Nascar.com. When I load the page all I get is a white screen and all titles and blank boxes where pictures and video links should be are all lined up on the left side of this white screen and I see nothing at all. When I click on any of this it takes me to another page, again all white with some simple text lined vertically along the left side of the page. I see no content at all nor do I hear any sound. Can you tell me what might be causing this? Are there any known issues or fixes with Windows Vista or Esets NOD that may correct this? Could there be any settings in these or Internet Explorer that I need to enable or change? Please help as I do enjoy this site and would love to be able to use Track Pass and Race Buddy on my laptop as I watch races on TV.

Below is the solution I recieved from Nascar.com and I have made sure everything is updated to the latest versions as they said but still cannot see their page. Any suggestions.  Thank you for any help you can offer. Jeff Holloway


I understand how this could be frustrating when you are experiencing difficulties with your Trackpass subscription and I will be happy to assist you today. We value you as our customer and are here to help you get the most out of you TrackPass experience. There are a few things I would suggest, such as making sure your Java, Windows Media Player, and Octoshape are all up to date. Additionally some of the website uses Adobe Flash Player as well. Java's latest update is version 6, update 13 and can be updated at www.java.com. I would suggest removing any previous versions of Java by going to Start, Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs. For Windows Vista, it would be under Programs and Features. Then remove anything stating Java or J2Se Runtime Environment. Then go to www.java.com and download the latest version, which is version 6, update 13. After you do this, restart the computer to enable the configurations. For Windows Media Player, it is best to have version 10 or 11 and this can be updated by going to www.microsoft.com or by opening Windows Media Player, clicking help and then check for updates. For Adobe Flash Player, the latest version is version and can be updated at www.adobe.com. If this does not resolve the issue, we also have a diagnostic tool as well: www.Nascar.com/rv_diag

If anything fails, it will tell you how to fix the issue. This tests various functions and graphic drivers to assist in making your Trackpass experience the best.   However, this year we are no longer using Itiva, instead we are now using Octoshape. So if you have Itiva listed in your Add/Remove Programs I would suggest removing it. To install Octoshape, go to http://octoshape.com/play/play.asp After the installation finishes, restart the computer to enable the configurations. And if this does not resolve your issue, please contact us back to help you further resolve the issue.



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