Windows shutdown 'button' stopped working

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop running Windows Vista.  My Windows button in the lower left corner of the screen is not working requiiring me to shutdown the laptop using thw Power button..


Have sifted thru the Fixit/maintenance ideas/answers on this site with no luck.  Any ideas.



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Re: Windows shutdown 'button' stopped working

Showing shutdown is a software option.  This is not a dell hardware issue.


The default action for the Power button on the start menu in Windows 7 is shutdown, and in Vista is Sleep.

Change Windows 7 Shutdown Button

Windows 7     Start Menu / Taskbar preferences by right-clicking on the start menu and choosing Properties.

All you need to do is change the drop-down for Power Button Action to whatever you would prefer.

Change Windows Vista Power Buttons
You can configure this setting easily by using the advanced power settings panel,

which is a little tricky to get to normally, but we’ll take the shortcut.

Open a command prompt (type cmd into the start menu search bar), and then type in the following:


You could also take the long route (Control Panel \ Power Options \ Change Plan Settings \ Change Advanced Power Settings)

Once you get to this dialog, browse down as shown to “Power buttons and lid”

From here, you can change the options:

  • Power button action – Changes the hardware power button action
  • Start menu power button – Changes the power button on the Start Menu

You can change the power button to either Sleep, Hibernate or Shut Down, or even nothing for the hardware power button.

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