XPS 15Z L511z - 6 beeps after BIOS update

Hello everyone,

I hope I am posting this on the right section, if not I do apologize for the mistake.

I'm having some trouble booting up my XPS 15z Laptop after updating the BIOS to the latest one.

Whenever I press the power button for the laptop, the screen remains black, keyboard doesn't work, and I hear the constant 6 beeps from the motherboard.

Since the warranty on this has expired, I tried to unplug the CMOS battery and reconnecting it (didn't work), reseated the RAM (swapped the two RAMS between the slots still no luck)

Is there any way to recover the old BIOS before the update? Or is my laptop completely useless now?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: XPS 15Z L511z - 6 beeps after BIOS update

Hi Crawler45,

6 beep codes indicate it is the video card failure. You may consider replacing it.  Since you have mentioned that the warranty has expired, send me a private message with the system service tag so that I can give you more information on who to contact to get the system serviced.

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