XPS M1710 Proper Video Card Replacement

Just wanted to express my opinion about the proper video card replacement that customers should receive when Dell approves to replace their system. I am writing this, because I don't want others having to experience the horrible support I was given.


A month ago I bought a M1710 with a 7950 GTX video card from the outlet and it was DOA. Dell decided to replace it with a M1730. I am happy with what they did, but they did not deliver as promised. They stated that I would be receiving like to like components. It didn't happen, as they did not replace one of the most important components for me, which is the video card. They replaced the 7950 GTX with a 8700 SLI. Many XPS technicians agreed that I was given an inferior video card, but they couldn't help me. After days trying, and being transferred between Customer Care and Technical Support, they finally agreed to replace it with a 8800 GTX SLI. So why is the 8700 SLI inferior than the 7950 GTX? Here are some points:


- The 7950 GTX has a 256 bit memory bandwidth and the 8700 SLI has a 128 bit memory bandwidth. This really affects performance when playing in high resolution, which the M1730 has and why not take advantage of it?


- 7= generation, 950= family. As you can see in here, the 7950 GTX is a generation older, but it falls into the 8800 family. (The number do not agree, as Nvidia is always playing with the names of their video cards, but there was also a 7800 before).


- I understand they have similar amount of memory, but not every game take advantage of the SLI technology. So at the end one will end up with a 256mb video card instead of a 512mb video card. Will two Porsche engines in one car beat a single Formula One engine? Will it each of them even run at 100%?


- If there was a single 8800 GTX I will gladly get it as a replacement for my 7950 GTX, for the reason that I haven't used SLI for the time I have had the system with me. Maybe make this as an option for future customers considering the M1730?


Please Dell, take this into consideration. Don't just focus on the price of the new system, as customers paid the same amount or even more when the M1710 was just released (not me). There has been people that bought Inpsirons and were given XPSs as replacement. Please keep it fair and follow what you promised with replacing like to like components. Feel free to add anything. All responses will be greatly appreciated.

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