how to make screen go dark (quickly)

How can i quickly turn off my laptop screen (without going through several control panel screens and having to readjust the time unitl display shut-off down to 1 minute and then wait for the minute to end).  Also, please note I do not want to just close the laptop, as I want to be able to hear the speakers which would be blocked by a closed laptop.
My laptop is a Dell Studio XPS 1645 purchased last June.
There is a hot key on the keyboard which takes me to a set of 4 screen extension options, but none of those options includes simply making the laptop dark (I don't want to make it sleep, just dark).  One option is "projector only" and when I click it the screen goes dark like I wanted, but then 8 seconds later comes back with a notice: "unable to connect to projector.  No projector detected."  Please help.

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Re: how to make screen go dark (quickly)

You really can't do this within Windows. The only way to come close is to go to the power settings, set the screen to turn off after 1 minute, and set the Sleep time to Never. The screen will shut down in a minute.

There are ways to do what you want, but not officially. See this SITE for an example of a program which will do it. I HAVE NOT tested these programs, so Caveat Emptor.

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