synaptics "right click" button stays on the "on" position

my synaptics touchpad has a problem with the right click button. It
stays activated.... I can see it in the taskbar icon which shows the
usage in real time. The right button remains lit. If I use the little
mouse knob stick seated in the keyboard, it resets, but as soon as I do
anything with the pad, or buttons, it goes back to full "on" position.
It doesnt matter which of the right click buttons I use. I am not sure
if it's software or hardware related..

I wrote Dell email support, but thay always send me automated troubleshooting guides. I'm very tired of that.
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Re: synaptics "right click" button stays on the "on" position


You dont say what model, but it sounds like it may be hardware. Run the diags, boot from the resource CD and see what you get.

                                                                             Regards Chris

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