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FAQ Laptop Audio

FAQ Laptop Audio by jimco

Some unofficial FAQ's

1. Recent Issues & Solutions -- some issues from the last year or so, listed by model name.

2. Headphone Jack FAQ -- if you have sound through the headphone jack but not the speakers.

3. Headset (Combo) Jack FAQ -- if you only have a single jack for both headphones and mic.

4. Choppy/Skipping Audio Workarounds -- tips from owners on dealing with audio noises and glitching.

5. Dell Diagnostic Audio Tests -- when you need to know if a problem is in the hardware or the software.

6. HDMI Audio FAQ -- when you want to send audio through an HDMI cable to a TV.

7. How to Insert a Screen Shot into a Post -- how to get an image into your post.

8. Audio Driver FAQ -- information about audio drivers.

9. Input Monitoring FAQ -- when you want to hear whatever is plugged into the mic/line-in jack.

Legacy FAQ's

1. VLC Media Player WARNING -- This faq was about an issue with warranty service for speaker problems if the popular VLC media player was installed on the laptop. No longer an issue because of changes at Dell and with the player itself.

2. Inspiron 700 & 710 Speaker Wires Can Break  -- probably not many of those models around anymore.

Jim Coates -- 16 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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