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Dell XPS 15 low performance using windows 10


I switched to windows 10 some weeks ago. All drivers and bios are updated. 

The DELL quick tests said there are no problems. But the Dell video card tests was showing 4 fps for the directx tests. Most other tests ended with crashing of the INTEL HD 4600 driver and a message that the driver has been restored.

After turning the laptop into power safing mode it doesnt return after pressing the power button or opening the laptop. You must unplug the power cable and try a few times  After a while its booting again.

The support page said that the product is compatible with windows 10. I am not able to work with this laptop and before reinstalling windows 8.1 I hope that somebody has any suggestions or ideas what I could try to solve this issues.

I makes me also wondering, that the laptops fans dont start under heavy load. It feels like the laptop is running in power safing mode all the time, but its set to "high performace" power plan.

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RE: Dell XPS 15 low performance using windows 10

I had the exact same problems.  I gave up and went back to Windows 8.1  The laptop works perfectly again!

If you cannot go back to Windows 8.1, Dell will mail you two thumb drives that you can use to restore back to the original factory image.

Update:  According to someone on the web, the Intel display driver is at fault.  They managed to get everything working by:

Turning off automatic driver updates FIRST.

Install the Windows 7/8 driver from Intel's web site using Compatibility mode to get the driver to install.

I was also having really bad slow down problems whenever I installed ANY anti-virus or anti-malware software.  I'm sticking with Windows 8.1 until Dell fixes this problem.