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Which Linux for Inspiron 7000?

Hi everyone

I would be interested in installing a Linux software as a secondary OS on my new Inspiron 15 7000.

Does any of you use Linux on this laptop? Which software do you recommend, because there are so many (Linux Mint, Zorin, Fendora,Ubuntu etc.).

I read that Linux is a lot faster+safer (read a lot of positiv reviews), and would suit for daily use very well. I do not intend running games or any other special tasks, just a basic use (internet,chat, music, movies).

I would be happy to read your comments to this topic, because I read that the choice of Linux hast to comply with the hardware as well.

Thank you.

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RE: Which Linux for Inspiron 7000?

I tried at least two GNU/Linux distribution in the new Dell Inspiron 13 7000.  For the time being, the best distirbution that has responded best thus far has been Fedora. I tried installing the most recent openSUSE, but it was buggy. Fedora was more stable. I also tried a Live DVD with Ubuntu, and it seemed to work well, which may mean that Linux Mint would also work well. For the time being, I stay with Fedora.

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RE: Which Linux for Inspiron 7000?

I am using Manjaro XFCE for over 2 years now. This distribution got so far in the latest 2-3 years, people underestimate it.I recommend it to everybody. It is very stable, support is fantastic and they have many flavours..  You can always try it out using a liveUSB or LiveCD. [<:o)]http://manjaro.github.io/download/