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5510 motherboard replaced-- now no perepherials work cept monitor

had a 5510 that we had the motherboard replaced due to bad usb-c port  (peripherals worked, but monitors did not)

after motherboard replace, now monitors work------ and peripherals (mouse/keyboard) do NOT work.   t

They dont even power up from the dock--no mouse light--no keyboard lights

any ideas?

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anyone?  bueler?

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to clarify-- the motherboard was replaced due to monitors not working when plugged into a wd19tb dock

AFTER the motherboard was replaced-- the monitors now work, but none of the peripherals (mouse/keyboard) work.   they dont even light up.  (kb and mouse are plugged into dock.)

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It is indeed possible that there are a series of drivers which need to be installed/updated for the computer to work properly.  That's all I can think of. . . 


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all updates have been run-- same--  Monitors work but peripherals thru dock do NOT

confirmed again on another dock

local keyboard and touchpad work fine



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i ran all the updates--dell update program--no new updatesd found

ran the thunderbolt driver update-installed fine and rebooted

ran the thunderbolt chipset update-- FAILS!!!  says i need to install the TB driver first (i have--twice)


just reimaged the laptop as last resort---SAME.   does not work.

common dell....

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I'm a little confused.

The touchpad & button work OK - Right?

>> USB remote mouse & keyboard to the laptop - Status?

USB remote mouse & keyboard to the docking station doesn't work - Right?

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keyboard and touchpad fine on the laptop

when you plug into WD19tb dock (any dock)  the EXTERNAL keyboard and mouse do not work--but external monitors do.  (opposite of the problem i had before MB was replaced.

guess it dosnet matter  now-- i sent the <Profanity removed. TOS67> into dell-- they can figure it out

now another one of our laptops had MB replaced for bad usb-c port---AND AFTER IT WAS REPLACED, GETTING THE SAME THING!!!!

(--mb replaced. now no peripherals)

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