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7390 2 in 1 BSOD when not on docking station

Hi Dell supporter,

I have a Latitude 7390 in 1, Windows 10 x64 (1909 ver), all drivers/bios up to date from dell.

When I connect it to my WD15 dock, it runs fine, no problem. But when laptop gets removed from dock and i plug an usb to computer port (or connect bluetooth device) then get BSOD (WHEA uncorrectable and no memory dumps). It hangs on 0% and i need hold power to restart.

This happens when i undocked, even on AC or battery.

I found that If i disable graphics card, my laptop runs fine so i think it's the reason here. 

Dell latitude 7390 2in1. 

Intel UHD Graphics 620 :

BIOS: 1.12.1

WINDOW: 10 Version 1909. OS 18363.720.

P/s : i've tried reinstall window many times but it didn't solve issue.

i've tried downgrade graphics driver to => same issue.

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Exact same issue I'm running in to. Haven't found a solution yet. 

It looks like i'm not the only one. I've contacted with supporter. Now we're waiting for Dev to investigate.

Thought I had a solution yesterday evening, using an updated driver from Intel directly ( It was running a stress test overnight undocked for 10 hours without problem, but locked up again about an hour after I started normal use.

Right now I have it booted into Safe Mode with Networking and it seems to be running fine, although I have to use an external USB wifi since safe mode doesn't seem to like the internal wifi card. 

Let me know if you make any progress, and I'll update if I make any headway. 

It didnt resolve my issue and even if it work, is it a good solution? (normally in safe mode)

For me, this problem is about USB port and Bluetooth connecting with something (I dont know)

I have some scenarios:

On docking station : everything working fine.

Not on docking station : 

1) It's fine when I free all USB port and turn off Bluetooth (enable graphics driver).

    => I didn't have a long test (about 1~2 hours in use).

2) It's fine when I connect to USB device or Bluetooth device (disable graphics driver).

3) It's fine when I connect external monitor (HDMI port) and connect USB (Bluetooth) (enable graphics driver).

4) The others : Connect to USB (Bluetooth) and enable graphics driver => BSOD (WHEA)

    => It's very strange and I dont know why. Dell supporter said that it was possible a conflict driver problem.

I have tried many things (re-flashed BIOS, fresh installed OS, used driver from Dell support home, used driver from window update, etc..) but didnt work.

I suspect it relate to power management but I have no evidence.

I agree safe mode is not a solution--it was more a chance to rule out hardware issues--I would assume if a true hardware error was causing the problems, it should happen in safe mode as well. Since safe mode was working well, I would assume it is a software issue causing problems. Interesting that you are mentioning the Bluetooth....What WIFI card do you have? I have the 8265. I downloaded Intel Driver and Support Assistant, and let it update my WIFI/Bluetooth yesterday evening, and it seems to be stable now. It is showing the following drivers for the Intel stuff--Intel UHD Graphics 620, version date 3/9/2020, Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-8265, version, dated 1/1/2020, Intel Wireless Bluetooth, version, dated 2/9/2020. I don't believe Dell Support Assist had updates for any of these. I previously manually updated the UHD Graphics 620 from Intel's website. I've had my computer undocked since the updates, and (knock on wood) no lockups or bluescreens. A Bluetooth or wireless card conflict could explain why I wasn't having problems in safe mode...

I have 8265 card too. Did your USB' port (on laptop) get worked when undock? 

But that's great news. I think I will try your process after Supporter response.

It seems old drivers from Dell support.

But I mention that the problem only when computer undocked.

How do these drivers conflict? Very strange.

What are the difference between DOCK, PSU (AC), BATTERY(DC)? 

=> Charging: Dock (90W), AC/DC (65W). Anything else ?

I'm just waiting response from Dell.


Quick update for anyone else running into this problem. I disabled the bluetooth, and have not had any freezes for BSOD since then. I think this may be the problem. The laptop has been running for 2 weeks, docked and undocked in various configs (attached to external monitor, things plugged into USB ports, different power supplies, etc. The common denominator was disabling the bluetooth. Before disabling, I would get the random freezes or BSODs. After disabling, I have a normal functioning computer. <Profanity removed>to lose bluetooth, but I guess I'll make that tradeoff for a stable computer. 

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I have been experiencing this issue as well. My 7390 2-in-1 laptop works fine when I have it attached to a Dell TB16 dock but will freeze constantly when on battery power or using a 45w or 65w charger.

System specs:
Bios: 1.12.1 (Latest)
Windows 10 (1909 with latest update package & drivers installed via Windows Updates)
CPU/GPU: Intel Core i7-8650U with Intel UHD 620 Graphics
Memory: 16GB Memory
SSD: 500GB NVMe 
WiFi: Intel Dual Band Wireless 8265
WLAN: EM7455

What I've done so far:

  • Update all drivers using Dell SupportAssist / Dell Command Update
  • Manually check / update drivers found on the dell website tied to my service tag
  • Run Windows Updates & Install latest drivers
  • Swapped battery after using the bios command to check hardware (Said battery was at end of life less than 2 years after purchase (note: I recommend turning off ExpressCharge. This seems to be what killed my battery and I found it increases the system temperature to unsafe levels). No other issues besides battery were reported.
  • I turned off Intel turbo boost / step increase and set maximum CPU to 99% - Per recommended after scouring other Dell forums for similar issues. This did not work.
  • Updated to the latest CPU drivers from Intel directly. I found that the dell driver's are lagging behind the latest intel drivers by quite a bit. This improved system stability but after 24 hours; my PC once again froze up right after disconnecting from a standard charger.

Next steps:

I just checked my Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 driver and it is at version (8/26/2019); the latest on Intel's website is rolled into the 21.80.2 update (3/24/2020). I am installing these now and will post back to see if this helps.

Also, I went ahead and purchased an Intel AX200 "WiFi 6" 802.11ax card (w/ BT 5.0). I will install this in a few days and see what the results are.

My machine was running fine for a couple of weeks (mostly on docking station, but occasionally on power or battery). However, this past week I was running solely on 65w charger and/or battery. Worked great for a couple of days, and then started freezing randomly -- it did it 6 or 7 times in a row. 

I noticed the laptop looked funny--the left side of the keyboard looked a little odd. On further inspection, I realized the battery had swollen on the left side and was bulging the keyboard and bottom cover. I removed the battery, and am running it on AC power only. I have a new battery on order, but with shipping it won't be here for a couple of days. However, without the battery (no other changes) it seems to be running fine. :shrug:



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