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AC adapter HA65NM130 and LA65NM130

I have problem with AC adapter on Latitude 5580. First I got HA65NM130 AC adapter with laptop but it stopped working and then I got another model of AC adapter of same power (65W) LA65NM130 but it seems that is not 100% compatible with Latitude 5580. 
Sometimes my laptop becomes slow and sound on the headphones is distorted and problem is solved when I unplug adapter but sometimes remains after unplugging AC adapter (LA65NM130) and I need to restart computer (sometime more then once). Is there some compatibility list for laptops and AC adapters? Does anyone knows what might be the problem here is it laptop or AC adapter?

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Re: AC adapter HA65NM130 and LA65NM130

Hi Luka123456,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

In researching this, I see there are 3 adapters available for this product.  If you are having difficulties with your current adapter being able to handle the load, I might suggest trying the 90 watt adapter.



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