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ASF2 Force off issue - Dell will never fix?

I know that so many Dell users have been talking about this problem for a while, but the fact is Dell has never helped them!

I'm one of the users my system is Dell Latitude E7270 I used it for about 3 days since the problem has first taken place and now I can't use the laptop for more than 15 minutes for average without facing it!

The problem simply makes the laptop restarts unexpectedly while using and an "ASF2 Force OFF" event appers in Power logs in BIOS. I did my researches about it and it happens to be a graphics problem or a motherboard problem also the problem is most accurate with Latitude and XPS series.

I tried to:

1) Upgrade and downgrade BIOS version

2) Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

3) Install the latest Intel graphics driver "Once from Dell Website, from Windows update and from Intel website"

4) Factory recovery and BIOS rest to factory settings

5) Do an extended Hardware test from BIOS "Diagnostics "F12" and Hardware passed all tests!

The problem dissapeared in my case just in two cases:
1) When I Enter safe mode
2) When I uninstall Intel HD graphics 520 driver

I haven't contacted Dell when I first face it because I had work out side country, but that dosn't change the fact that my laptop has a manufactory problem and it still under warreny for 2020!

When I contact Dell support they just gives me an international number to call because now I'm out of US, but the number isn't dial able!
My system is still Under hardware warranty, but I think Dell will never admit that my laptop needs to be replaced with a new one!
I'm really disappointed on Dell, I used to make it the brand of my laptop upgrades I had E6420 and E6440 before, but when I make an 1200$ upgrade this happens?!!

If you were me what would you do?

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Re: ASF2 Force off issue - Dell will never fix?

I have similar issues with my lattitude 7480.  Dell says it's the Windows 7 image, my IT department says it's the Dell drivers. Result is nothing gets solved.  As only some of the laptops of this product line have the issues within my company, I'm pretty sure its a hardware issue, but no one want to admit.



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Re: ASF2 Force off issue - Dell will never fix?

I have the same issue

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