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BIOS Master password reset.

Have contacted Dell Technical Support with Tag Number for a Latitude D531 and obtained the Master Password which I have attempted to enter without success.

The laptop boots into the Bios settings by the use of F2.

Space down to security and enter.

Choose unlock system or Bios password and enter.

Enter the Master Password supplied by Dell Technical Support this goes OK (8 digits, case sensitive).

Now the email states to press Ctrl+Esc whilst pressing the Ctrl+Esc the screen changes before there is even a chance to press Enter.

Can only think that I'm doing something wrong!

Have tried different key combinations after typing Master Password and any time Incorrect Password was the result repeated that sequence at least 4 times.

Help would be much appreciated, the outcome is to put this old equipment back into local primary school as a stand alone word processor for the Primary 1/2 children, rather than landfill.

Best Regards.


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Hi U2,

Yes, have also tried all combinations I can think of,

Thank You for showing an interest to help,


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Welcome to the Dell Community @trusty_brian 

Have you tried just ctrl and enter???

Best regards,


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