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BIOS Update failed because of missing versions

i need to Update the BIOS to a newer verion (A10 or higher); (this 9 year old Laptop is still on the factory-loaded BIOS A04).

Downloaded Bios A16 and A11 from the Support-Website,but the Update-Tool states:

"You must upgrade to A10 before flashing to this BIOS."

Behind the A16 file, there are older versions (A13, A14 and A15), but i can't find the missing files (A05-A10) to get to version A16.

Does anybody know, where i might get these files?

Or is there another way to disable safe boot (so i can use Linux Mint to prolong this laptops life for another decade (not the Capitalist way, but i can't afford a new machine at the moment)?

Kind regards

Harry HH




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Re: BIOS Update failed because of missing versions

You did not post the exact model of your system and without this information it would be impossible to post a link to the BIOS files.

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