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Clone 250 SSD to new 480GB SSD for Dell Latitude E7420?

My E7420 has a 250GB SSD that is very small and plugs into the MD. Looks sort of like a small memory chip/DIMM. The new 480GB drive was purchased from Dell and is the same samll, unique form factor. I have cloning software and planned to just clone the old drive to new, but this SSD is too small and unique to plug into any SATA cable or adapter.

Anyone ever figure out how to clone these small, memory-like SSDs?




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Re: Clone 250 SSD to new 480GB SSD for Dell Latitude E7420?

Since images are frustratingly only shown to the original poster and Dell moderators and I'm not going to dig into the E7420's specs, the connector you're describing sounds like either mSATA or M.2.  There are adapter boards for each that will give them a regular SATA connector, which you can then use with a SATA to USB adapter, but if you have an M.2 SSD, it would have to be M.2 SATA rather than M.2 NVMe, the latter of which do NOT work with these adapter boards.  Or if you have a separate external hard drive, you would probably find it easier to just capture an image of your current SSD to a file on that drive, swap in the new SSD, and restore that image onto the new SSD.

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