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D430, replace thermal pad with thermal grease?

Hi, I have D430 with Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo U7600. In the idle its temperature up to 55*C. When working with documents, printing, browsing the Internet, the temperature can jump up to 70*C. Cooller works almost all the time.
When I disassemble the laptop (a year ago), I noticed then that there was a thermal pad between the processor and the radiator.
The question is, will the situation with heat dissipation improve if thermal padding is replaced with thermal grease?


ps At this video man combines pad with grease, is that correct?

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Re: D430, replace thermal pad with thermal grease?

Paste does a better job at reducing heat and when you removed the heatsink, you should have replaced the pad, assuming you were not going to use paste at that point. That will lead to heat issues. The following link gives great information on the pad vs paste question. And as for using both, Arctic states that actually you get worse heat transfer, so no do not use both together. It is an either or situation.

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