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Dell Dock WD15 Automatically Powers On Laptop

I encountered a WD15 that, when connected to a 7480, automatically powers on said laptop.  I figured this to be a defect, until I heard from a co-worker that other end-users have reported the same.  (In the majority of my experiences, it's the opposite!  I have to disconnect and reconnect the WD15, before I can get the laptop to power on via the WD15's own power button.)

Is this normal?  Are there settings, maybe in the BIOS, that control how the Dell Dock behaves (with regards to power management)?  This is similar to another (older) post, but there was no solution...

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Re: Dell Dock WD15 Automatically Powers On Laptop


Hi jddfw,

It's working as designed. Here's how to disable the feature if it's unwanted:


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