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Dell Latitude 5400 not reverting back to Dell BIOS Logo

Hello All,

As part of my Company recycling program, I was able to buy a decommisioned Dell Latitude 5400 Laptop.


This laptop has the Company Logo on BIOS.

I've followed the instructions putting the latest BIOS .exe file on a fat32 formatted USB flash drive, then booted to F12 BIOS flash option. I select BIOS update .exe file on USB Flashdrive.


This flash option has a textbox where you can pass options to BIOS update file. I entered: /DellLogo option to reset logo.


However, after BIOS update the Company logo still persists, what is wrong here?

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Sorry, I have Fedora Linux, not Windows Installed. I have to pass the option as indicated on my procedure above, please stay on topic.

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