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Dell Latitude 5420 not working with Logitech Meetup camera

Has anyone had issues with brand new Dell Latitude 5420 laptops not being able to work with Logitech Meetup cameras? Once the Meetup is plugged in, I can't click on the audio icon in the taskbar (it just hangs) and Teams device settings go unresponsive. Everything works if I unplug the Meetup.  The laptop works with other cameras, including the Logitech Rally, Logitech Brio and the integrated webcam.  (All laptop drivers and BIOS have been updated)
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I am currently experiencing this exact issue with the same laptops.

We have 3 systems that are operating this setup (Latitude 5420 and Meetup) now all not working
I have tried opening teams in browser and in application to no avail

Hopefully a resolution soon!


Same - no issues with Logitech Rally Pro or Logitech BRIO.  It's seems to be just with a particular batch of Latitude 5420 laptops that i got last month.  I have purchased about 100 of these laptops and only see this issue with a few that I got a month ago.

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Same issue here. Also problems with Rally bar. Normal Rally works fine.

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