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Dell Latitude 7480/7490 Sleep Issue and Dockingstation Issue

Hello everybody


Since the latest Dell Driver/Firmware Updates which pretty much updated everything (BIOS/Dock Firmware, USB Controllers, Audio/Graphic/Wifi Drivers) we are facing issues with the Sleep mode and dockinstation (WD15).

If someone goes into sleep mode in any way (Closing lid or pressing on "Sleep" in windows) the Laptop stays in sleep. And the only solution is to reboot it (hard reset --> Holding down Shutdown key)

What we see there is that it goes like usual in sleep (All backlight goes off) but when u turn it on, all backlight goes on except for monitor. It stays for some reason off.

As for our second problem, which is even more frustrating. Many people go alot to meeting with their laptop. As soon as you undock your laptop and redock it, you cannot use the keyboard or mouse at all. The drivers for the dockingstation for some reason won't load. The displays work, any other port doesn't for some reason. 

Redocking again doesn't work. The only thing that works is restarting the notebook so it reloads the drivers.


As for a temporary fix. 

We found this article which kinda solved our issue:

To fix the docking station issue, we downgraded the WiFi driver (Rollback in Driver Properties).

We installed a older version of the Dock Stand driver: Docks_Stands_Driver_G8VCP_WN32_2.44.2018.0504_A10


This Fix has the issue that sometimes the keyboard doesn't work. Not as often as above, and no restart required to fix (Just replugg and it works again)

The sleep problem seems to be resolved.


All Notebooks have latest Windows Updates but are using different versions (from 1709 to 1809). All Notebooks were facing the issue.

I hope this helps someone and maybe gets the attention of Dell. It should not happen that Driver Updates **bleep** up the whole system.


BTW, i called Dell and asked for maybe a solution. First offer was to exchange motherboard. I told them this would require 100 changed motherboards, only then did they actually search for a possible solution. They also were the guys that send me the fix above for sleep mode (Not for dockingstation).



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Anybody experiencing the same issue?

We've been having a similar issue on our fleet of 7490 and 7480s. I've issued many 7490s brand new out of box with out image on them with all the required driver updates and they will constantly go to sleep and either need to be restarted. We've been disabling sleep in the BIOS (s3 state) and that will goes the display to go to sleep when the user is using the device and they will have to "wake the device" back up. Haven't seen much information on this issue across the web but seems to be more widespread than something just within our company. 

I have a user that is having the same issue. When hot-docking (plugging/unplugging the USB-c while logged in) the user will frequently get locked up.

When plugging in, the monitors will come active but the USB and network ports do not.

When unplugging, opening the laptop to view the display only shows an illuminated black screen.

The only way to recover normal operation in both cases is to perform a hard reset.

We have a Latitude 7480 with a WD15 dock, drivers and firmware fully up to date.

My laptop 7490 is having sleep issue also.

My computer goes into sleep mode in the middle of work without any warning and I have to restart it every time.
what could be the problem?

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I've got a bunch of laptops that do the same thing.   I've tried WD16s, WD15s and now I'm gonna try the WD19.


They won't come out of sleep without hard resetting them.



Using WD19, did it fix the issue for you?

I experience the same on Dell Latitude 7390 2in1. I got this error codes:

Bug check code
Bug check parameters

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Running Dell Update on W10 in April 2020 solved this problem for me.

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Was this ever solved? I am having this issue now more than a year later. I have tried uninstalling all drivers and having Dell Command Update install of the latest. Doesn't seem to have helped anything. When the laptop goes to sleep while plugged in to the docking station, the only way to wake it up is a hard restart exactly as you explained. 

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