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Dell Latitude E6540 Indigrated Webcam Problem

I recently purchased a used Latitude E6540 and in setting it up for Skype the webcam doesn't show up. In the original configuration it shows 839RM Creative Camera Module kit was installed. And at the top of the lid is the eye for the camera. When I access Device Manager imaging devices are not displayed. This computer was upgraded from the original Windows 7 to Windows 10. And TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are clicked on. Does anyone have any suggestions to get this webcam working as the warranty has expired.  Thank you as any help will be greatly appreciated. 

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This possible solution with me worked. I disassembled the part below and repositioned the connector of the web-cam.. On reboot it was correctly seen by the system. It works Thanks

After my last Windows update, Skype and WebEx cannot find my camera. And I didn't make any BIOS changes. Same update coursed audio to fail. But a audio repair in Win10 fixed that. How do I fix the camera driver?



Hi futs,

I would suggest checking to see that the camera is enabled in the BIOS/setup (keep tapping the F2 key at start-up) Once in the BIOS, click on System Configuration, then Miscellaneous Devices

Then try running the diagnostics (hold down the Fn key whilst you power the system on) to see if there are any problems with it. You could then check the physical connections: (page 41 and 49)

Let us know howyou get on, thanks.

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