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Dell Loud fan noise & heat


See above link, It was said to send a private message, but if clicking o Dellcare user account I don't see how to end a private message.

In short, my company (Unit4) supplied me with a new lattitude 5511. It makes a permanent Fan noise and heat at left side is so hot, my left pink is getting sore. Unit4 supplied me with a docking station and separate keyboard so issues with heat are solved. Unit4 also contacted Dell but they - despite of several messages on web about heat/noise - played as it was new. Anyway, please let me know how to fix this

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Some ideas...

Make sure your BIOS and other motherboard drivers are current.

In your BIOS, you might want to check if "SpeedStep" is available and enable it. This will let your CPU clock down when not doing a lot of work. Slower CPU clock speed / utilization, less heat, lower fan speed.

Install a program "Core Temp" onto the computer. This will show you the temperatures of the core(s). 

Make sure you have in Windows10, a power plan that doesn't constrain the CPU to always run at high speed.

Right-click on the taskbar, and call up Task Manager. Is there a program running that is taking a lot of CPU? When the fan is spinning hard and fast and you hear it, what is the CPU utilization in %? Does your CPU ever go back to some low utilization factor like 15% or below? Maybe your company has a program for detecting Malware or other funny business. It may need to be uninstalled and re-installed.

Disable File Indexing. Don't waste your CPU's time and energy building an index of the files on your PC for searching files (which you probably rarely do if ever).

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