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Dell latitude e6540 no power from dc input


I was working on my laptop (DeLL latitude e6540) with the power cord attached when the low battery pop up. I found that strange because I was plug to the wall. Upon further testing I realised that I`m not getting any power from the DC input neither the docking port witch I also tried. It seems that I`m not getting any power for some reason from both the dc input and the docking port. I have very little power left on my battery but the laptop runs perfect with the battery.

Does anybody have an idea?

thank you


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Re: Dell latitude e6540 no power from dc input

The first step is to reset the system. Disconnect the battery and unplug the adapter. Now press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Then reconnect everything and see if the battery is now charging. You can also check the BIOS to see if the AC adapter and battery are detected properly and working. Restart the system and at the Dell splash screen start tapping F2. That will get you into the BIOS. Also run diagnostics by tapping F12 at the Dell splash screen run full system diagnostics. But if the adapter and docking station are not working then you have to start thinking that there is a problem with the battery, DC jack on the system, or motherboard. The motherboard seems pretty thin as a source, and I suspect if the resets do not work, the battery or jack is the source of the problem.

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