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E4300 Broken LCD back cover

Hello to everyone,

As in subject above, the back cover broke next to one of the hinges while I was closing the laptop. For now, the LCD is still working alright.

Having consulted a few repair / refurbishing shops, it seems repair would be possible - provided I supply the new display back cover. It seems hard to find that specific part. Another solution would be to locate a discarded E4300, but it seems few of them are available. However, there are many E4310 on offer, under different states of "wear & tear".

Would anybody know if an E4310 back cover would fit my E4300 - a quick search showed an old similar question but for the LCD itself (, so I still have some hopes!

Thanks for any information

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Woah, thanks, quite a rich source for refurbishing!!

Well, I'll make sure to bookmark this site

Thanks a lot


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